VIII International Olive Branch Women’s Conference

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“VIIІ International Women’s Christian Conference “Olive Branch”,
which is scheduled for October 26-27, 2019 at the Kiev Theological Seminary.
The theme of the conference: “A New man in new conditions”. Revelation 21:5.
Conference thesis: New man: how Women’s Christian carry God’s love for women servicemen and military forces’ wives.
New Conference Challenges:
• Ukraine during the armed aggression of the Russian Federation,
• introduction of chaplaincy in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
• Existing permission from the Office of Moral and Psychological Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the Olive Branch to cooperate with the command of military units in the area of work with women.

Issues to be considered during the conference:
1. Christian love and duty. How to answer questions related to military service, war, loss, on the basis of Scripture.
2. To bring God’s love into every heart. Forms of cooperation, types and methods of working with women. The experience of women’s Christian clubs.
3. Post-traumatic stress disorder.
How to Prepare Your Marriage and Children for a Hero’s Return from the Battle Zone.
How to support your husband, co-worker (man or woman) in case of PTSD.
How to keep yourself from burning out.
4. Creation of a network of women’s groups in Ukrainian cities for the purpose of working with women in Ukraine’s military forces.

The conference logo is a butterfly, as a symbol of a new creation in the Lord.
The conference is designed for 60 participants from Ukraine, 5-6 participants from abroad (USA, Moldova).
After the conference, it is planned that 3 women from the United States will participate in roundtables in military units for women servicemen in the following cities: Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Odessa, depending on the permission from the General Staff of the Armed Forces may change the venue.