Ukraine needs chaplains

Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) invites you to study the program Bachelor of Theology “pastors – chaplains leadership.”

Entrance examinations: May 18, August 31, September 25, 2012. First session from 8 to 19 October 2012. Accepted for training men and women without limitations in ages.


Learning: modular (four or two-week session during the school year). It has different chaplains subjects. For example: Introduction to chaplains service, chaplains service in the penitentiary service, chaplains service in the uniformed services; chaplains service in hospitals and clinics, chaplains service in rehabilitation centers and centers adaptation chaplains service in the police and firefighters, sports chaplaincy chaplains and vehicle (stations and at sea and airports), introduction to chaplain counseling, preaching exhibition in chaplain service, etc.

Program Goal: to develop in students a solid biblical and theological understanding of the Bible that they are effectively implemented soul popechytelsku and pastoral care of souls in a specific restriction to meet social and religious needs.

Information can be obtained from the Director of the program in the reserve colonel Valentine Korenevych: (e-mail:, tel. 8-097-963-84-06), online or online seminary, e-mail:

Ukraine needs chaplains!

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