The epidemic of viral diseases began with the spring. Different categories of people are exposed by these diseases. In the risk group there are people who have to spend much time in the crowds. Militaries are not an exception.

The central regional hospital began to admit the military from nearest unites. Apart from medication treatment, some of soldiers need the pastoral care. We noticed that one who was 5 years elder than his colleagues and his behavior differs. He was always sad and silent. He answered questions unwillingly. It makes us watchful. We tried to find out the reason. After a long face to face talk we figured out, that the reason of his inadequate behavior was his divorcement, which happened before he started his military service. The soldier worries that hi doesn’t spend time with his 3 years old daughter, which hi loves very much. This depressive state has a negative influence on his communication with his colleagues and on his attitude to his work.

In this case the knowledge, that we got during our training in the military hospital in Richmond (USA), helped us.

We persuaded this soldier to find the way to reconcile with his ex-wife, that after he finishes his service hi will have possibility to reunite the family and to grow their daughter together. In a week of our communication we sew the positive result.

We thank God, that Hi used us in this situation and helped us to put in practice our knowledge to help people.