Chaplaincy hospital outside the walls of hospitals.

Our work is not limited to the service in hospitals. God gives us new opportunities to help the needy. We have already reported once that we are working in a nursing home and two rehabilitation centers.

After treatment at the hospital, our relationship with a certain category of people does not stop. For example, after being discharged from hospital veteran who tried to commit an act of suicide (previously reported about it), we always visit him in rehab. It was there at our request due to the fact that he did not have a permanent place of residence. This rehabilitation center are different people, including former soldiers. With one of them, we met the next time you visit a rehabilitation center. He had frostbitten toes, and as a result, developed gangrene. Leaders approached us with a request to take him to the hospital for proper medical care.

While in the hospital, he told me his life story. The drivers of long-haul flights, and spending away from family most of the time, there was a breakdown of the family. At the age of 23 due to heart disease, died of his beloved son. And this was the cause of excessive consumption of alcohol, which led to such results.

He had a complete apathy towards life, he saw no way out of this situation. And this situation is exacerbated by the fact that doctors have decided to amputate his leg. There was a strong case for the moral, spiritual and material support. At present, we are working with it. Now the patient is in intensive care, and soon we will again be able to resume contact with him.

We have hope that the good relations of medical personnel caring Capellan service and of the Holy Spirit will lead to the desired results.