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Every year (since 2010) in Cherkasy central hospital village Krasnaya Sloboda, came for practice students of the Kiev Theological Seminary, headed by Director-Chaplaincy Program pastoral leadership Valentin Korenevych.

This year Cherkassy land held another meeting, which is of particular importance. At the invitation of hospital chaplains who work in hospitals Cherkassy region Valentine Korenevych came from President IGO “Olive Branch” Bruce Kittleson and former U.S. Navy chaplain Don Cramblit.

Initially, the guests visited the Cherkasy Regional Branch of “All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS”, where HOSPITAL chaplain works Zoe Kelembet. (Information. Zoe is a member of the Cherkasy Regional Branch GO “Olive Branch Ukraine) Zoe as an expert in this area told me how it works, and the difficulties faced. Guests promised a more effective cooperation and assistance.

(Statistics. Total deaths from the disease in Cherkasy oblast AIDS-related 625 people, including 13 children, 11 months of 2011, 101. Clients of the center is 185 children and Cherkasy Cherkasy region. Around 120 children are children from 0 to 6 years)

Then the guests visited the Central Regional Hospital Sloboda village of Chervone. Where had the meeting with the chief doctor Andrei Nicholas and former chief physician Basil moles. The conversation took place in the office of the chief doctor with hospital chaplains Nicholai Dudko, Yuri Belyaev and Benjamin Belyaev. In an interview heads of hospitals on behalf of patients and medical staff thanked hospital chaplains for the important work they do in the spiritual and moral support patients. During discussions raised such an important issue as the establishment of a center for training CRH hospital chaplains. Then the guests visited several hospital departments, where they had the opportunity to talk with the medical staff and patients.

After visiting the chief doctor of all participants invited to dinner in the hospital dining room, where all were treated sweet Ukrainian borscht and dumplings.

Chairman Cherkassy`s center of IGO “Olive Branch Ukraine”
hospital chaplain Yuri Belyaev



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