What future do these children have?

On our statistics, mainly, the children from unhappy families got in the kids department. They fall ill, because of the negligent care of them. Those are infectious disease or colds. But sometimes the malnutrition is a cause of getting the children to the hospital. When their parents think about one thing: where they can find the alcohol, the children certainly suffer. Unfortunately, there are many families like this in our country. In the main they are people from villages.

The 13-years girl went to the hospital by emergency in April. She had a fever and exhaustion. After the examination she has been diagnosed with severe anemia. Why did the girl get to the hospital? What was the cause of the hospitalization? There was a common school day. The teacher asked her to come up to the blackboard. She stood up and fell down. She lost of consciousness. The school nurse called the emergency. Thereby the girl got in the resuscitation department.
She was there for three days.

We are the hospital chaplains, were visiting the girl in the resuscitation department with a doctor’s permission. We prayed for her and had a talk with her. No one of her relatives visited her while she was in the resuscitation department. Marina was transferred to the children department when she had felt better and when she managed to move by herself. Then we had much more time to talk to her, to find out about her family. She didn’t want to tell openly. She often said: “I don’t like the people who drink alcohol”. We felt heartache from her words. She worried about her parents who abuse alcohol.

There was a woman with a baby in the same ward. Her name’s Olga. She lives in the same village. Olga knows Marina’s family well. The woman told me that girl’s parents are totally unemployed. They don’t have enough money and abuse alcohol. There is no electricity for three years in their house. Parents don’t care with Marina at all. There is no any piece of bread at home, so she goes to school hungry every day. Parents can’t pay for school meals. Fatal consequences are cause of girl’s condition.

Marina spent and got treatment there for two weeks. Her cloths fell into decay. So, we purchased the ones for her. We provided her necessary food and medicine.

We called to Marina’s form master just girl had got to hospital. And asked: Does somebody know how she lives. The answer was following: “Yes, we know. But what can we do? The money for her meals is not provided”.

What the future is waited for her. We only can guess. The changes always come to human when he begins to trust in God. We will be pray for this family. And we hope they’ll hear of God and open doors of their hearts. As He talks to us and asks us: “Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”(Mat.11:28)