Chaplaincy institute in Ukraine – will be!



The fact that the institution of chaplains alive, it became clear after the May 15-16 in Kyiv with the participation of 72 representatives of the two organizations in Ukraine and six other leading countries held an international scientific-practical conference “Social aspects of chaplaincy: peace and Ukraine” dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Ukraine.

Conference was organized by the All-Ukrainian inter-faith religious-military Christian fellowship (consisting of representatives of the five traditional Christian denominations), Olive branch Olive branch of Ukraine and International (USA). The idea of ​​a grand forum supported by taking an active part in five Ukrainian ministries – the Ministry of Culture, Defense, Internal Affairs, Education and Science, Youth and Sports, the three state service of Ukraine – the border, prison and emergency situations, the Kyiv City State Administration, the Association of Christian conferences, teaching and ministry (USA), military service International (UK), the NGO “Association of Christian troops of Ukraine” (chairman Basil Khimich). The conference was attended by nine delegations from: Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine, Union of Jewish Religious Organizations in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Lutheran Church, German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine. The forum, which, without exaggeration, there is no parallel in modern Europe, experts arrived from religious and spiritual issues with the U.S., Russia, Poland, the UK, Germany and the Republic of Belarus. 23 educational institutions of Ukraine (among them, and the Kiev National University. Shevchenko, and the National Institute for Strategic Studies and the Kiev Theological Academy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, KP, and Lviv National University of Internal Affairs, and the Kyiv Theological Seminary Baptist) delegate to attend conference in their academics. The forum was attended by 25 official public organizations of Ukraine (and, apparently, about the same – unofficially). In terms of the executive conference surpassed its previous expectations in spite of the fact that the maximum quota of participants in the debate, the work of sessions, workshops and speeches should have been 250 people participated in the forum on the topic Institute of chaplaincy in the world and in Ukraine took 263 people. The first similar in concept, but not on the scale of interfaith representative conference was held in 1998.


I recall that chaplaincy – a special kind of activity, aimed at helping people who are working and carry out their activities in the special conditions associated with the risk to human life and health, and with significant physical and psychological overload by providing them with assistance through counseling, care and guardianship; rehabilitated wafted through the spiritual truths of God’s commandments scriptures. Hence, the chaplain – a person authorized to exercise pastoral (spiritual) care of the faithful and of all those who voluntarily came to him: the military, the security forces and government agencies and members of their families, persons in prisons and in medical hospitals and people showing their desire to commit over a chaplain care.

I must say that in Ukraine, unlike countries such as the UK, the U.S., South Korea, Germany and others in law (at the level of the relevant legislation the administration of the president, government, parliament) chaplaincy institute still exists. But, nevertheless, in the state in 2011, there is a “concept of pastoral care in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the Defense Ministry. In addition, the Institute of shepherding almost from the beginning of independence, there is a de facto state at different levels: as members of the five traditional denominations and evangelical Christians, other confessors constantly and actively engaged in the pastoral care of the military, hospitals, etc. . The idea of ​​the conference “Social aspects of chaplaincy: peace and Ukraine” was to consider the concept of Ukrainian chaplain in the development of common strategies, plans and achievements of generalization chaplain experience in Ukraine and in the world, on the basis of which the ministry in Ukraine could be distributed in the future and have a more lowly forms and effective influence on the necks of those who need it.

We can say this, that the resolution adopted at the end of the forum state has recorded only issue in Ukraine today. The conference could not (and can hardly possible within a scientific conference) how it by unanimous chaplaincy develop in Ukraine in the future. As the chairman of the organizing committee, the President VMRVHB Sergei Lysenko, to Ukraine, particularly in the military, is now an option to select as likely as one of the two most popular in the world for this ministry: the Polish-American or German. In the first case, the military chaplain is a certain military unit and also a priest, a subordinate commander fighting in the second – the chaplain is a person from outside the closed institution or a military unit. Marine Corps Colonel Fleet Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain Joss McCabe said that in Britain the chaplain should have all the skills of men, among whom he is serving. British chaplain, historically, has no right to separate a part of their own beliefs, he should be ready to sacrifice themselves for others not for nothing, three of the four chaplains who have received the highest award of the United Kingdom, were it only posthumously: Chaplain – always a man with no military weapons , located, however, field conditions. Chaplain with 28 years of experience in the U.S. Navy, the teacher of the Kiev Theological Seminary Baptist and a member of the organization “Olive Branch International” Don crumble during an appearance on the podium stressed that the key to the work of any chaplain is responsible for the people to God, which is on the shoulders like in the army, or in any other area (hospital, prisons). The main thing, according to the commander of the U.S. Navy, retired Colonel Kramblit, is not a model of action that will elect the chaplains in their activities in Ukraine, but the heart of the chaplain, which should contain all the signs of Christ’s love and willingness to help a person of any religion. “It happened so often that the priest comes to the soldier, with a definite opinion about it, and it is far from ideal. Not required for this forget that the soldiers should have a definite opinion about the priest who visited a military unit – and it is as negative as that of your opponent. We must learn to understand others. This is the work of the chaplain – the main thing, “- said Don crumble. Note that the U.S. Army are about 200 representatives of religious denominations (in Ukraine – 55-faiths), and in one military unit usually attended by representatives of 30 denominations.

Sharp corners in the discussion that will be tomorrow’s cornerstones of construction Chaplaincy

In many countries, interfaith chaplaincy ministry quota long ago settled. In Poland, for example, it is proportional to the presence of religions in society. In the navy of Great Britain with the Protestants and the Catholics present Muslim chaplains and chaplains-Hindus. In the Russian Federation, according to Russia’s chief military chaplain Rev. Alexander Shostak, chaplain service is according to the latest initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin deliberately present, especially in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as chaplaincy in Russia, as we do, only at the stage of formation.

In Ukraine, where according to recent posts on the forum to statistics Orthodoxy is about 52% of the communities of believers (19000 107 churches), the situation is complicated interfaith ministry. Each of the speakers at the forum speakers from five traditional religions (three Orthodox communities, Greek and Roman Catholics) shared historical experience of their own denomination chaplains in Ukraine since independence and its vision of the Institute of the priesthood. However, I think the problem most clearly inter-faith dialogue in Ukraine around the theme of the priesthood, particularly in the army, voiced his father Francis (Botvin), Assistant Commissioner of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church for the pastoral care of members of the Armed Forces and other military formations of Ukraine: “We I get the impression that we – the priests – usually all the time afraid that the army did not enter the first one, in front of us. For some reason we consider the army and security forces, as a kind of no tillage field of missionary activity, sometimes doing everything to prevent the inclusion of representatives of other religions. And thus, providing interfere with each other, we forget that there are dying and suffering because of the lack of moral and spiritual care of people who are our brothers. ”

Indeed, the state of Ukrainian troops are now required to be desired. For example, if the government of Slovakia to the content of a soldier spends in the year 63 000, Poland – 56 000, Romania – 48 000 in Russia – 39 thousand, then to his native Ukraine soldier “shell out” by as much as 5, 5 thousands of dollars “for everything about everything.” And it is – only the material side of the question! 46% of respondents consider themselves Ukrainian soldiers deliberately believers, while 30% described themselves as “just Christians.” As stressed o.Frantsisk, the last is the same as that in response to the question, to what type of armament your own military unit, the military would have replied that he considers himself “just a soldier” is not known what kind of troops.

The different participants predicted the future of chaplaincy in Ukraine. Archbishop Belotserkovskii and Bohuslav Augustine (Markiewicz) UOC-MP as a period in which chaplaincy will certainly present in the main areas of activity include the 10 years, Vadim Semenov, Deputy Commander in \ h 3066 on educational work defines a term of not less than 40 years. Kermit E.Dzhons, “Olive Branch International” (USA) considers that the case in the community chaplaincy urgent, because it is a moral and health of military and security officials – those who primarily there to protect their country and that the issue of the timing depends on the desire to act (Jones advised Ukrainian undertake purposeful ministry immediately).

Just different opinions were present at the scientific-practical conference on the three professions related to the human soul – the chaplain, a specialist in psychology and army educator (former political leader). Oleg Sidorenko, reserve lieutenant colonel, vice-chairman of the “Red Cross” Yuzhny (Odessa region) (the organization as an associate member which is part of the new NGO “Ukrainian chaplaincy”) believes that the communist past should definitely be left behind, and over time instead psychologist and educator in the army and security forces have come confessors, chaplains. Of course, professional psychologists are not supported by a “fatal” for the ideas. Through a screen as if Orthodoxy atheistic voices heard that priests in general in the power structures is not the place. According to Archpriest Alexander Shelest (Russia), in the Russian Federation – the same problems. It often depends on whether the commander of the military unit believer or not. Defining their homeland as the heavens in. Alexander (his father was born in the Donbass) is advised not to take into account the contradictions that arise in the process of educational and patriotic in Ukraine in recent years due to the difficulty of defining the term “fatherland”. It is not necessary to fool my brain is homogeneous Ukrainian believers with Russian community mental or not: fatherland, ideally, all alone, and she’s not here.


Especially look participation in the aforementioned scientific conference of representatives of the organizations’ Olive Branch International” and “Olive Branch of Ukraine “, which together with VMRVHB OHVU and acted as organizers of large-scale inter-religious dialogue. Representatives of the “olive branch” and their colleagues from abroad military fraternities have been reported as performing speakers, as well as in the work of each of the scientific sessions.

In addition to American Don Kramblit, director of programs chaplain ‘Olive Branches International “(the report” Private call chaplaincy “), Briton Joss McCabe, executive director of the” International Military service “(report,” Chaplaincy – Navy personal view of Her Majesty the Queen “) and German Martin Faber (European Section of the International Association of Prison Fellowship), who worked on the first day, a closing statement, outlining the future direction of the organization he heads, the chairman of the NGO “olive branch” of Ukraine, Colonel Valentin Korenevich.

Representatives of the “olive branch” took an active part in the sections of scientific and practical conference “Social aspects of chaplaincy: the world and Ukraine,” and on the second business day. The section number 1 on experiences in the organization of pastoral work in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made reports “hospital chaplain – his spiritual and social functions,” Nicholas Dudka, Vice-President of the NGO “olive branch” of Ukraine (Cherkassy), Rich Young Michael Weiss and Johnny Almond (USA). Section number 2 was devoted to the experience of the organization of pastoral work in the police. Reports of “Practice and presence” Kermit E. Jones (“Olive Branch”, USA) and “Spiritual Aspects of pastoral care in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Service of Ukraine,” Lieutenant Colonel Valery stock Trufanova (Chairman of the NGO “Ukrainian chaplaincy” Alexandria) were the most by subject in the part of the discussion about the speedy development of structures and training clergy. “I ask only one thing in mind that every one of those present in the hall now be responsible for this pastoral work to which we are referring to God Himself” – said Valery, who is also a member of the Fourth separate division of the IPO “olive branch” of Ukraine in the end section. The section number four, devoted Christian and social support for families of military and law enforcement Claudia Duff (“Olive Branch International”, USA) prepared a report on “Women’s ministry,” Gwen crumble, the wife of U.S. Navy chaplain, the speech a “Chaplain’s wife – what are the benefits?” Jeanne and Szeged (IPO “olive branch”, Irpen, Ukraine) shared the secrets of the female Christian club wives of servicemen. Finally, section number 5 was devoted to the spiritual education of young people. There’s shared experience of Christian major stock OHVU chairman and member of the “olive branch” of Ukraine Yaroslav Jaworski (Alexandria), and U.S. Army Lt. Col. Richard H.Barns read the report “Scouts of America – the history, organization and personal experience.”

Interestingly, after the conference ended, representatives of the “olive branch” did not went home and continued to work another 17 and May 19. Chaplains USA and Ukraine in particular, agreed to coordinate joint pastoral, organizational and research activities with the NGO “Ukrainian chaplaincy”outlining a strategy for the immediate and more distant Capellan operations and prospects. One of the aspects of the NGO” olive branch “of the Ukraine – training future chaplains at Kiev Theological Seminary. gathered to six U.S. and 14 Ukrainian chaplains joined the chaplain from Baikonur Yuri Kvitko chaplains Andrew Power (Moscow, Russia) and Andrey Nadtochy (Tver, chairman of the Christian troops of the Russian Federation). was decided to provide an opportunity for chaplains of the Russian Federation to learn from pastoral chaplaindepartment, headed by the dean of the Kiev Theological Seminary Valentin Korenevich a special program of training courses developed by Ukrainian experts specifically for the North-Eastern counterparts. The casual American chaplains gave Cherkasy sick children who are now in a hospital children’s ward, bed sheets, acquired the means of the spouses crumble. Communication was held in a relaxed atmosphere for pizza and tea, organized by the Ukrainian side Korenevich spouses. were present, among whom appeared and Joss McCabe from Belfast, were marked by exceptionally positive atmosphere of the conference “Social aspects of chaplaincy: peace and Ukraine.” Unanimously participants without ties agreed on the fact that the positive cases in the state against the Ukrainian ministry will not hesitate. Everybody was are determined to continue in an atmosphere of love, faith and fairness in every way to support and strengthen inter-faith chaplain community in Ukraine.

It is clear that the conference “Social Aspects of chaplaincy: peace and Ukraine” only designated the activities of chaplains in the Ukraine. However, at the same time it is a clear precedent. As noted at the beginning of the President of Ukraine Forum, Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Religious Freedom, Ph.D. Victor Elenskiy (Kiev), pastoral and general chaplain particular is relevant to their introduction in our country. It is clear that the institute ministry in our society to develop further by the same tireless initiatives denominations and representatives of civil society. However, the holding of such a conference – neither more nor less than the official “green light” to such development.

And do initiatives are already taking place, even outside the formal meetings. And one of these is the establishment of the city of Alexandria on March 13 this year, the public organization “Ukrainian chaplaincy”, which aims to create chaplain centers, coordinating interfaith action and public support for the faithful, active participation in the process of improving the moral and psychological health of our society.

In addition, he commands respect and micro climate scientific conference at which I could not face another manifestation of religious intolerance and sectarian strife.

Vitaly Kvitka, chairman of the Fourth separate division of the IPO “Olive Branch” of Ukraine, member of the Wire Association “Ukrainian chaplaincy” spokesman “of the Union of Officers of Ukraine”.