Hospital Chaplain Training Workshop in Obuhov

Representatives of the Cherkassy Center for Preparing Hospital Chaplains held a seminar on the road, namely in Obukhov. In this town there is an active women’s club headed by Golubenko Galina. The theme of the seminar was very relevant. Post-traumatic syndrome, this is a medical diagnosis. But the Christian method of treatment used by the chaplains, contributes to a faster recovery as a fighter who came from the war, and others.

The seminar was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Sharing experience not only chaplains, but also those present. One mother shared her feelings, who has two sons in the war zone.

At the end of the seminar, those wishing to conduct volunteer work in hospitals and hospitals were given certificates. This pleasant mission and prayer for Ukraine was fulfilled by the President “Olive branch” of Ukraine Valentin Korenevich.