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Public organization “Olive branch Ukraine” has started to work in Ukraine since 1995, and since 2006 it is officially registered in state bodies of Ukraine.

Since 2012 the “Olive Branch Ukraine” has started the creation and registration of its territorial divisions in different regions of Ukraine. These units began to serve their local communities in their cities of residence.

The “Olive branch Ukraine” focuses on the chaplain’s work, including for the siloviki and their families.

 Our mission is the constant presence of our employees in a place where our help to a person and society is needed, and especially to the siloviki communities of Ukraine, for delivering the message of God through Capellan care and assistance to the people.

Our vision is to find, teach, encourage, support and send our members and assistants to the chaplain (pastoral) ministry.

Our desire is to deliver God’s message of hope and salvation to each person and society to the community of law enforcement agencies in Ukraine through custody and Chaplain help in those areas where it is necessary and the dissemination in Ukraine of information about the teachings of Jesus Christ through nine main areas of work.

The “Olive Branch Ukraine” is a voluntary community of servicemen (siloviki) – Christians and people, committed to Chaplainian activity and members of their families, even from other countries of the world.

“Olive branch Ukraine” is a non-governmental and non-political organization. The main activity of the organization is enlightening, medical and humanitarian assistance to servicemen (siloviki) and members of their families, chaplains (priests and priests), and also to the chaplain organizations and institutions in other countries. The goal of the activity is to spread peace in the world, Christian love and mutual understanding between people and nations.

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