International public organization “Olive Branch Ukraine” is a voluntary military (security forces) – Christians from around the world and their families. “Olive Branch” – a non-governmental and non-political organization.

The main activity of the organization is educational, medical and humanitarian assistance to the military (security forces) and their families, military chaplains and priests (chaplains), and military organizations and institutions in developing countries. The aim is to promote the activities of the world in the world of Christian love and understanding.

“Olive Branch” has worked hard to help the organization and support of the military-Christian movement in Ukraine, spreading the gospel and the Christian virtues in the military (security forces), devoting himself to study the peculiarities soul custody church minister and ministry of military personnel and their families.

Since 2006, Ukraine has officially registered organization “Olive Branch Ukraine.” Today the president of “Olive Branch Ukraine” is a colonel in the reserve Valentine Korenevych. Lives in Kiev, is married and has four sons.

Also, “Olive Branch Ukraine” in Ukrainian cities territorial offices and through them to serve the community in which they live.
Organization does its emphasis on chaplain work, including the security forces and their families.

Particular focus of the “Olive Branch Ukraine” today is to help in the creation of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Chaplaincy” to create in the future union of public organizations of Ukraine with the aim of introducing the institution of the legislative chaplaincy in Ukraine through the Parliament of Ukraine.

Our goal – a report of God’s message of hope and salvation to every human person and to the community, the community security services Ukraine through chaplain practical assistance in areas where it is needed in Ukraine and spread information about the teachings of Jesus Christ through the seven main directions of “Olive Branch Ukraine” .

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