17-19 July 2015, held 5 International Christian Women’s Conference organization “Olive Branch.”

17-19 July 2015, held the regular 5 Women’s International Christian Conference “Olive Branch Ukraine”. This time, at the initiative of the organizers (Ukrainian public organization “Olive Branch”) conference venue moved from the hot summer sun of Kiev under the extensive pine recreation “Open Doors” that in the area Podusovka m. Chernihiv. The conference topic: “God’s hope for women in the face of new challenges.”

The purpose of the conference together to pray for the ministry of the military and their families, encouragement of those who bear this ministry; to work experience (including international) women’s ministry among the new challenges to master practical skills to communicate with people who have been in the area of ​​psycho-emotional traumas ATO for the purpose of evangelism and helping them and their families; renew and replenish the network of women’s ministry Ukrainian public organization “olive branch” to maintain relations and comprehensive mutual ministry.

It happens that a woman falls in the crucible of life, which forever changes her life. So the crucible can be many things: death or injury to a loved one in the ATO; birth of a child with special needs; loss of a job; the dependence of a family of drugs or alcohol; the death of a loved one; financial collapse; tragic accident brings pain and disability; adultery; divorce; loss of capacity due to aging or physical problems; emotional and physical pain; infertility; loathing because of the wrong choices in the past; the desire to get married and no one candidate in the field of view; sexual violence; spiritual frustration; the arrest of her husband and child …
We face a choice, how to change the difficult conditions of life, the circumstances in which we found ourselves. Each of us has its own problems when faced with that we feel powerlessness and despair …
But God is unchanging and true to meet each of our needs.
Understand, accept themselves and to give comfort to those that close. To each of us become a valuable gem of the Lord.

On Friday, July 17, at the recreation center two buses arrived participants who immediately got in an atmosphere of love, joy and acceptance of women’s teams from America at the landing site of the buses every cheer colorful Hawaiian wreath. The area blossomed with flowers and smiles. Upon registration, each participant received a small player with recorded Bible there (Ukrainian or Russian for choice). Immediately after lunch in the hall lean “Prayer for Ukraine” began the first session of the conference, which included a welcome speech from the head of the women’s ministry “Olive Branch” Zh. Szegeda, greetings from the president of the “Olive Branch” V. Korenevich and prayer for God’s blessing conference , familiarity with the American team, familiarity with the command “Olive Branch Ukraine” with the conference participants. Zh.Seegeda a presentation and the report “Women’s ministry among the new challenges” Each participant was manually pamphlet “Memo soldier”, published by the Center of Military History NUOU.

After the speech, the sisters were presented with a set of books “When the war is coming home”, consisting of a textbook and reference books for the leader of a small group.

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