Surgical department

In the surgical department of district hospital Moshny enter treatment, resident Yasnozere. We met with this hard-sick woman. Her name is Ludmila, she ’33 has a daughter of 12 years. Alcoholic husband, a girl brings mother Ludmila, due to the fact that Lyudmila paralyzed. The last 10 years of her life, she abused alcohol and it had a disastrous effect on her health. Capellan office responded to the cry of the soul of this woman. She regularly visited by providing the necessities (food and diapers). Spiritual talks were conducted as a result of which she uttered a prayer of repentance. On subsequent visits, we observed a deterioration of physical health, but uplifting and peace. 20 days after our first meeting, her life was cut short … but we thank God for what He has shown His love and mercy to Ludmila and gave her a chance to be saved.


Head of the surgical department of hospital from village C. Sloboda Kushniryk Y.G. chaplains asked for help. In the surgical department received a woman, blind. She had an operation to remove part of the intestine. Faith, so call a woman with two disabled children. Needs care, medicines, as well as moral and spiritual support. We had a long conversation with Vera and said to myself: Faith does not blame God for their troubles, but courageously and patiently endures all things. She believes that God is doing in her life that he will. We also see that the ratio of nurses to it is very good. Vera gained the necessary medicines and food.