Chaplain’s testimony

Peace to you.

Carrying Capellan ministry in the local hospital in the village Moshny, I come across different people. This medical staff, patients and visitors to the hospital. Among them are believers and unbelievers. Often certainly believe.

I thank God that the knowledge obtained in the U.S. (g.Hempton, g.Richmond), and the fact that I’m in Kiev Theological Seminary (3rd year) at the Department of Pastoral-Capellan management, it helps me to communicate with people to provide them with spiritual, moral and practical support. And I know that my main task as a chaplain is to help people to be able to listen and help people come to the Lord. I thank God that with financial support, can help people not only in word but also in deed getting them medicine, clothing, toiletries, food and more.
I want to share a few of our cases Capellan ministry. After that, more and more convinced of the importance of Capellan ministry. Chief physician of the hospital received a serious leg injury. Thanks to our warm relations and close cooperation, I could visit him at home to talk to him. Speaking supported him, he in turn expressed his gratitude for the words of encouragement and prayer, and wished the Hospital chaplains to continue his work on the providers, as many people need it.

In September, the hospital admissions in a very serious condition. He was the last stage of tuberculosis. This man was just 37 years old. No one attended. We had a long talk with him. In an interview, he expressed his deep regret for a life lived in vain, knowing he would soon die. Talking, and we told him that there is One who loves him, who is the soul and can forgive sins, and take in his abode, only to do this, say a prayer of repentance. Which he did. And the man began to hope that the Lord will take away his to him. A week later, he died.

Two weeks later, with the same diagnosis admitted to the hospital by his wife. In addition to the tuberculosis she had a stroke (from experiences after her husband’s funeral.) I talked with her, though she was hard to talk, but she was willing to do it. (Conversations with such patients are produced with the permission of your doctor.) In response to the call to repentance, she cried aloud, lamenting and asking for forgiveness from God for their sins. These people are no longer alive. But we have hope that they used their last chance and were saved.
There are a number of patients from the combatants, who are not able to buy the necessary drugs for treatment, and they turn to us for help. So disabled 2 groups Vladimir, practically the whole pension is spent on treatment requested to buy him food. Capellan in the room we had tea with refreshments. In conversation, he described his plight. Clothes he had worn, torn shoes. Vladimir asked him to buy shoes. We have fulfilled the request, this was the fact that he started to pray and read the Bible, began attending a Christian church.

Chaplaincy is outside hospital. Many former patients, according to others about the support consolation, prayer for them. So we turned to the mother paralyzed 40 year old daughter to visit her daughter in the house, in order to support her. Their house had a good, confidential conversation. Tanya heard the words of encouragement, Bible verses at the end of the meeting, we prayed for her. Tanya also prayed to the Lord, asking Him for strength and forgiveness. Now it is visited by Christians, taking part in its needs.

In recent years, many health professionals agree that in addition to treating the body is a great need to treat the soul, so closely with chaplains. Direct the chaplain at that house where he was, above all, the patient in need of comfort and edification.

We thank you for your participation, we pray for you and that this required a joint work has led many people to Christ. God’s blessings to you.