Annual Student practice in the Cherkasy Regional Hospital Central

The pastor and chaplain department was found at the Kiev Theological Seminary in 2008. Since then students have been practicing at Cherkasy Regional Central Hospital. It was decided to found the Training Center In 2013.
For the purpose of training students on a high level the preparatory work precedes.
Hospital chaplains have been working at the hospital since 2002 and they are very responsible.
The practical training involves medical personal. It’s a very critical component to show students how to collaborate with medical staff properly and how to use the deontology by doctors and chaplains; to show them how to use a Christian method of treatment which doesn’t substitute medico biological one. It supplements and enriches it.
This time the real conversation between a soldier and a chaplain was added to the training. The task was to find a solution (from bad family circumstances) not breaking the military regulations. It’s an extremely important issue in chaplains’ ministry. They face it in their work and they will undoubtedly face it again and again.