Workshop “Hospital chaplain – a physical, emotional and spiritual doctor” in the Training Center of hospital chaplains. Cherkasy city

Після вручення сертифікатів
In hospital chaplains Training Center, located in Cherkassy (Central District Hospital) on November 8th was a seminar-workshop on “Hospital kapelan- a physical, emotional and spiritual doctor.” The workshop was attended by counselors (chaplains volunteers) that for years the spiritual and moral support patients in hospitals. Namely, representatives of Kyiv, Irpin, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy and Alexandria. This time the seminar was special attention paid to the importance and the need to support soldiers who visited areas of fighting in the east of Ukraine, as well as settlers and care of orphans. Teachers workshop were appropriate training and practice in US military hospitals and have experience working in this direction. Active participation in the conduct of medical staff received training hospital. After the seminar leadership “Olive Branch Ukraine” were issued certificates on obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge.

Госпітальний капелан Ю.Бєляев-Особливості роботи з дітьми-сиротамита та дітьми інвалідами

Лідер жіночого служіння МГО Оливкова гілка УкраїнаЖанна Сегеда отримує сертифікат