A seminar for mothers of ATO soldiers

14 May Jeanne Szegeda and Galina Starchenko held in Obukhov Kyiv region seminar “Post traumatic disorder and a military family”.
Galina and Yelena Golubenko Artyushenko invited women to beautifully arranged room, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. In the hall gathered mother of soldiers from fighting zone, who are now in a combat zone in the east of Ukraine, and those who have returned and feels the burden of past events.
Jeanne Szegeda talked about PTSD, its causes and manifestations,
Galina Starchenko talked about ways to support those who are experiencing “Post traumatic disorder”. All interested in the rules of active listening, which demonstrated the lecturers.
Galina Starchenko, a chaplain and a practicing psychologist, answered numerous questions of women.
The participants took part in the discussion of lectures, sharing feelings survive.
Since May 14th the world celebrated Mother’s Day, we all welcomed the holiday. Believers women talked about their trust in the Lord. Together they prayed and thanked God for the gift of motherhood for the children, who did not let the enemy deep into our country.
Lovely day the Lord made for us!