The practice of students of pastoral and chaplaincy leadership

Upon completion of the theoretical training, to inculcate the basic provisions hospital chaplains, students of the Kyiv Theological Seminary faculty pastoral and chaplaincy leadership passed clinical practice in Cherkassy hospital. Teacher subject hospital chaplaincy Nicholas Dudko (retired lieutenant colonel, senior hospital chaplain, 9 years of practical ministry) shared his experience Cherkassky chaplains, especially the spiritual and moral support to patients and medical staff. Particular attention was drawn to work with orphaned children who are treated at the children’s department. Zoe Kelembet that works chaplain in Cherkassy held sessions with students on features and importance of HIV and tuberculosis. Chief medical officer Nikolai , also met with students, spoke about the reform of the Ministry of Health and the positive impact of this work. And also thanked the chaplains for their cooperation and encouraged students to those developed similar work in their country.