Events of the Olive Branch Women’s Military Service for the eight months of 2019

Events of the Olive Branch Women’s Military Service for the eight months of 2019. Head of Jeanne Szeged:

01.01.2019 – New Year’s action: visit and greetings of wounded soldiers at Irpin military hospital.
– Odessa city. A seminar on “Peacekeeping and Woman: Society, Ethnicity, Family, Soul” was held at the officers’ house, and 44 military women were present – the headquarters of the Odessa military garrison.
– Kyiv city. An Easter meeting was held with women servicemen in the military unit.
– Kherson city. An Easter meeting was held with women servicemen in the military unit. The event was held by the Women’s Christian Club “Olive Branch” Women’s Heart “, headed by Tatiana Cheremisina.
– Boryspil city in Kyiv region. A festive women’s meeting was held in the military unit dedicated to Mother’s Day and International Family Day.
The following questions were proposed for discussion:
“Two Views on the Family: Biblical and Secular” (Jeanne Szegeda).
“Causes of Family Conflicts in Military Families and Overcoming them” (Halyna Starchenko, a graduate Pastoral Chaplaincy program of the KTS).
A trio of girls from large families performed Christian songs about their mother, their family. There were 40 servicemen, officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and wives of officers.
– Vasylkiv city in Kyiv region Workshop on “When War Comes to Home”. PTSD, its causes and consequences. How to support a husband or wife in a military family, a biblical view.
– Vasylkiv city in Kyiv region. Meeting of women servicemen of the Vasylkiv garrison with Colonel retired US Army Linda Sheimo. Topic: “Woman in the Army: Benefits, Challenges, Prospects.”
– For the second time in 40 km from the city of Kherson the tent women’s Christian camp “Seven pearls” was held with the participation of the colonel in the retirement of the US Army Linda Sheimo. Theme: “To love God and to love your neighbor.” There were 25 women, including the wives of servicemen from Kherson, Kyiv, Brody, Lviv region, Obukhiv of Kyiv region, Irpin of Kyiv region, Alexandria of Kirovohrad region. The head of the Christian club Olive Branch “Women’s Heart” Tatiana Cheremysina provides the territory of her home for the camp.
– Kyiv city. Presidential Regiment. A round table was held for women servicemen and military wives “Woman in the Army: Answering the Challenges of Today”. 19 women were present.
10. 08.08.2019
– Mykolaiv city, military unit. Seminar. Topic: Burnout is professional and emotional as a phenomenon. The value of living communion with God for restoration. 26 women servicemen, officers’ wives were present.
– Shirokiy Lan military training ground, Mykolaiv region. Seminar for women military personnel who are trained before being sent to the front. 56 women servicemen were present.
– trip to Brody city, Lviv region. Meeting with Olga Logvinenko, the head of the women’s Christian club “Olive Branch” Tavita, to plan the work.
– Vinnitsa city. Topic: “Ukrainian woman: mother and wife, warrior and peacemaker”. The biblical view of motherhood, the role of women and family and society is revealed. 44 women servicemen were present.
– Vinnitsa city at 15.30. Meeting with the Head of the Vinnytsia House of Officers for the purpose of planning further cooperation – International Round Table with the participation of women from the USA 28.10.2019.
– the city of Zaporozhye. Ukraine Independence Day event: “Ukrainian Woman: Mother and Wife, Warrior and Peacemaker.” The biblical view of motherhood, the role of woman and family and society, common features of Ukrainian folk etiquette, and Bible guidance are revealed.
– Ivano-Frankivsk city. Seminar for women servicemen and servants “Ukrainian woman: mother and wife, warrior and peacemaker”. A Biblical Look at Motherhood, the Role of Woman and Family and Society.
– Ivano-Frankivsk city. Meeting with the wives of fallen servicemen in the Russian-Ukrainian war 2014-2019. Communication on the theme: “My peace I give you …”. Organizer – Savik Anna, head of the Women’s Christian Club “Olive Branch” Anna in Ivano-Frankivsk. 12 women were present.