“Olive Branch Ukraine” agreed priorities

January 25 at the Kiev Theological Seminary gathered many people. Fellow, whose purpose is to establish Christian values ​​in Ukraine and chaplain public service.

It was the annual conference of the Ukrainian public organization “Olive Branch.” This time the meeting was characterized as working and inspirational .

Challenges of society, people who are often alone with problems and without God, lead to the fact that social activity chaplains not only does not subside, and adds additional traffic participants chaplain inspiration.

At the invitation of the President of the NGO ” Olive branch in Ukraine” Valentin Korenevich, this time not only chaplains students storming the basics theosophical science within the KTS, but also leaders of a number of separate divisions of “Olive Branch ” formed during the previous 2013.

Arrived at a meeting with the “officers” Olive Branch in Ukraine and “Admiral” of the organization – Bruce Kittleson .

Besides the usual brotherly communion, chaplains leaders held a meeting in Ukraine, as well as supplying the president of NGO “Ukrainian chaplaincy” Valery Trufanov acquainted with prospects and ways of joint pastoral action of the two organizations in 2014. Valery Trufanov particularly compared our goal with the grain, and that we must fulfill for humanity – with fruit. Stressing that God and people interested in fruits worthy, not just their noble intentions.

Such a way, in January, in the midst of the split in Ukrainian society political circles and society, two Ukrainian chaplain organizations agreed priorities. One of which will work with the community and Ukrainian man to overcome the growing controversy by taking on the growing problems of Calvary – to Christ. Thus, the search for truth as representatives Lawmakers Truth we have the same his path – the path of love.

Praised be Jesus Christ ! And then – the nations that are manifest in Him!

Vice-President of the NGO ” Ukrainian Chaplaincy” Vitaly Kvitka