Training for hospital chaplains in the Cherkasy Regional Central Hospital

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IMG_2336Students of priest-chaplain department have studied at the Kiev Theological Seminary since 2008. Every year they arrive to Cherkassy Central Regional Hospital for practicing as chaplains. There was made a decision of founding a Chaplain Training Center on a hospital base in 2013.
Not only local people have treatment at this hospital. Soldiers who returned from Anti Terrorist Operation have treatment and rehabilitation there too.
It is very important to have such training for future hospital chaplains. They go through this training with chaplains who have been already serving there over 15 years and are skilled.

Two of them have diplomas from the Kiev Theological Seminary.
The chief doctor Mikola Guskov always greets students before training. He gives a short briefing paying attention to utility of chaplain service at hospitals.

Trainers teach students how to support and encourage soldiers properly. Some servicemen show the PTSD and moral injuries. These practical lessons are important and necessary for students who have decided to devote themselves for working at medical institutions.