Training of hospital chaplains in Nikolaev

16 June, Hosp Chap, Mil Hosp, Mykola City, OBU team

16 June, Hosp Chaps, Mykola City

16 June, Hosp Chapl, Mil Hosp, Mykola City, Mtg soldiers(3)Group of volunteers from Nikolaev wish to be trained by hospital chaplains in Cherkassy in the training center, which is stationed at the Central Hospital. And in November 2014 a training seminar was held. Cherkassy hospital chaplains shared their experience. As a result, in the Nicholas Military Hospital started working hospital chaplains, a group which is headed by Gennady Lebedev student of the Kiev Theological Seminary Pastoral Council- editor-faculty. Gennady is also head of Mykolaiv OXBY separate unit. (Mykolaiv is the Ukrainian name for Nikolaev city)
On the eve of the health care worker Cherkassy hospital chaplains visited Nicholas military hospital. This visit was at the invitation of Command hospital and hospital chaplains, conducting spiritual and moral care for our defense, passing treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital. On this occasion, the club held a meeting of all medical staff, which chaplains from Cherkasy medical thanked rescuers for their work and showed a video clip of their work.
In the afternoon, Cherkassy and Nikolaev chaplains visited the branch on injured defenders supporting them morally and spiritually. But as it turned out in interviews that the morale of our boys how high that all without exception expressed a desire to go back after recovery and continue to defend our land.
On the same day there was a meeting in the Mykolaiv regional center of primary health care with the head of Nicholas separate division NGO “Olive Branch Ukraine” Nikolay Zolotov, who told how the division and plans for the future.