Kiev accepted chaplains from East

Chaplains arrived. In the last week of January Kiev took chaplains from the East.

Guests, in actual fact, it was expected a little more. But those who came not afraid despite the media slander, cross cordons of our country, Ukrainian chaplains, and indeed the capital city of Kiev were very happy .

Guests arrived in Kiev Theological Seminary. Not even the guests. A prospective students pastoral – chaplaincy faculty of KTS.

Arrived Russians (seven), two Kazakh, Kirghiz and even two chaplain of Belarus.

Learning the basics of theology at the seminary in the evenings chaplains from neighboring countries had the opportunity to visit Evromaydan . Surprised that despite the revolution in Kiev all so well. Having fun taking pictures, caught the smell of snow and the approaching spring. Especially surprised Muhambetalieva of Almaty thought transport in the capital city does not go, the shops are closed and the. Not so, however.

On the penultimate day of the dean of the Faculty of Valentin Korenevich organized brothers and sisters, that to the east of Ukraine, meeting with the new teacher faculty Igor Alferov and brothers of the NGO ” Ukrainian Chaplaincy “.

Partaking of bread together. Acquainted with the vision. In fact, as we continue to live and how we can help societies in which labor.

It was nice.

Bypassing the primary alertness debut moments meeting in the late afternoon, the time of farewell prevailing sense of community interests.

Worried about the fate. It is not a common area of interest, the fate of past military (mainly the army chaplains saw ) something else. And – our nations in Christ Jesus.

Vice-President of the NGO ” Ukrainian Chaplaince” Vitaly Kvitka