Chaplain Conference 2017 at KTS

Serving God by serving people – honorable, responsible and dangerous at the same time. These words can be characterized  by the ministry of military chaplains that serve the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Chaplaincy – is a service to the local church in terms of mutual understanding between the state and the church, as the observance of the principles of freedom of religion and separation of church and state.
Chaplain in APU – it is also the state response to the initiative of the Church to serve the spiritual and social needs of people who have dedicated themselves to serving the people of Ukraine. And although the response of the Ukrainian state have not yet fully formulated, the Church demonstrates the continuing interest and concern for people who are willing to give his life for his neighbor.
Chaplain in APU – a response to the needs of the Church of the spiritual and social character of servicemen and their families.
High demands are made to the chaplain. It must meet the high standards of the Bible the clergyman, as well as high professional counselor requirements, given the particular institution or organization, which will make Capellan service.
Professional Capellan training members of local churches can pass in the Kiev Theological Seminary. The seminar was held at the bachelor level training program “Pastoral-Capellan leadership.” Also, on the basis of the seminary held professional conference, aimed at improving the skills of existing military chaplains All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists. In January 2017, the regular conference of this kind. Thirty-four active military chaplain listened to the lectures of experienced teachers. The lectures were disclosed particular dushepastorskoy chaplain works with people and families going through the grief of loss of a loved one as a result of the fighting. Were examined biblical texts of the Old and New Testaments that speak of grief, loss, war, hope in God and His help. Also, once again it paid attention to the unique role of the chaplain and his responsibility in the light of biblical teachings and expectations that are representatives of the public and state institutions, in which chaplains perform his ministry.
Lectures served as encouragement and support to chaplains in their ministry difficult.
Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine appealed to the chaplains welcomed and answered questions from chaplains and explained practical features Capellan service in MAT under existing legislation. The representative of the World Council of Churches Baptist Michael Andrashko also asked the chaplains with words of encouragement and support.
Chaplains were awarded prizes.
The conference concluded with a prayer of blessing and petition for God’s mercy and protection of chaplains. Prayer made responsible for the military service of the senior presbyter WCC Baptist in Kiev and Kiev region Andrashko M.M.
Educational materials of the conference “The chaplain – a faithful ambassador of the Church” are available on the website of the Kiev Theological Seminary and the Olive Branch Ukraine.