OBU women’s service meeting in the military unit of Vasilkov city

The beginning of summer for the OGU women’s ministry was distinguished by a meeting in the military part of Vasylkiv city, Kiev region. The deputy commander of the moral and psychological support of this military unit developed a detailed thematic plan of women’s meetings from June to October 2019.
For the first meeting, the theme “When war comes to the house” was chosen. There were women whose husbands now in a combat zone.
Zhanna Szegeda gave a lecture on “PTSD, its causes and consequences,” Psychologist Galina Starchenko familiarized those present with the main rules for dealing with a person suffering from PTSD, what wife can do for her husband to minimize the effects of PTSD, to facilitate faster recovery, to support her hero in this situation. Communication will continue at the meeting next month. We all look forward to!