Women’s meeting dedicated to the Mother’s Day and International Family Day

On May 14, 2019, in one of the military units of the city of Borispol, was held women’s meeting dedicated to the Mother’s Day and International Family Day, which celebrated on May 15. The following questions were suggested for discussion: “Two Views on the Family: Worldly and Biblical” (Jeanne Segeda) and “Peacekeeping Women in the Family. Causes of Family Conflicts and Their Overcoming” (chaplain, psychologist Galina Starchenko). Spiritual songs about mom and family were presented by our constant “support group” – girls from large families. At the beginning of each of the 40 women called the names of their mothers. Beautiful, tender, beloved names sounded like gratitude for the life that motherы gave us. The testimony of Anna Chekhovskaya about her mother, who gave birth to 12 children and her grandmother, who already has 70 grandchildren and more than 100 great-grandchildren, was strong. Video about brother Ani’s wife, who, overcoming brain cancer, gave birth to 3 children and constantly thanks God for his presence in her life. The call “Do not be afraid to go through the desert, God is always there!” Found a response not in many hearts. As always, we came with gifts. Each woman received the book «Give Me the World”.
At the end of the visit to the military unit, deputy commander for the inventories, Lieutenant Colonel Golub gave us an interesting tour of the airfield.