The women’s group of the Irpin city visited wounded APU and all military personnel who are being treated at the Irpen Military Hospital

On this visit, we completed the charity event “A Cup from the Family – to Defender of Ukraine”, initiated by the Irpinsky Separated Division of the “Olive Branch Ukraine”.

The women gathered, packed and, with sincere words, gratefully handed over to our dear defenders 130 cups of tea. And not empty ones, but with sweets, tea bags, letters and notes, in which they thanked the soldiers for the protection of Ukraine and each of us. For each of the warriors, they found the words of support, wished God’s blessing, and told us about our daily prayers for them.

Each of the women physicians who alternated on a Sunday morning – nurses, nurses – presented a magnificent rose as a thank you for their work for the recovery of Ukrainian fighters.

We did not take photos of soldiers on their safety . The warriors conveyed warm words of gratitude for their attention and support. Let the tea in the gift cup warm and rejuvenate their body, and our attention to the warriors – adds strength to the spirit and heals the soul.
We pray for wounded soldiers and for peace in Ukraine.

I wish God blessed of the day.
Jeanne Segeda