Dr. Mark Jumper held training for Ukrainian chaplains

One of the teachers of the autumn session of 2016 was Mark Jumper – Ph.D., Commander (Lieutenant Colonel on land), Chaplain Corps Navy USA (Retired), associate professor of theological and pastoral courses Regent University (USA).

Dr. Mark Jumper served as a soldier and trains chaplains around the world for several decades. It was in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. He served in the Gulf during Operation “Desert Storm” (1991) for the liberation of Kuwait and the defeat of the Iraqi army. There was a project officer of marines «Warrior» in Southwest Asia. In total, Mark Jumper spent 24 years as a US Navy chaplain, including nine years with the Marine Corps, and 7 years with the Coast Guard. Capellan Assistance Program-Marine veterans of combat operations, the development of which he took part, been successful in the US Army.

Among the issues that are currently facing Ukraine on a national scale – competent care of soldiers returning from the war zone. Help them to return to civilian life and explain to families how to re-establish contact with the brothers, sons and husbands – also the work of chaplains.

The ministry of chaplains have long proved to be effective in many countries, and the fact that these ministers are now in Ukraine there is a need – is obvious. It is not always possible to influence the course of military operations, but because of chaplains, right on the front line – where the sorrow, the pain and the line of fire, you can bring a bit of peace and love of God.