Mother’s Day in Gostomel city

The second Sunday of May in Ukraine celebrated Mother’s Day. It is a celebration – a great opportunity to tell the kids (and adults) the secret of longevity, which is written in the Bible, the book of Exodus 20:12 – “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” The event was arranged in the form of an “open microphone” – the children of the military town invited to submit a poem or a song for mother and invite their mothers to the holiday. Children took part in a concert, participated in the game “Give mom a rose”, where each step mother had to tell her the good word. Also children take part in lotteries and receiving gifts for good preparation for the holiday. On the whole town was heard the music and sincere congratulations mothers, thank God for the gift of motherhood and prayers for mothers. The program of celebrations included an exhibition of paintings local artist Galina Kozlova (in the recent past – a soldier of communication) and her 8-year-old student Olya Syenich.

To serve children of of the military town arrived their peers – students of Sunday School Church “Worship” of Irpin city. Still children of this town every year had been at Christmas in the church for the celebration (and attended a Christmas show this year, about 200 children Gostomel). Now the children had the opportunity to visit the town and share the word of God. The technical part – microphones, speakers – have ware taken from the Baptist church of Irpin Ruslan and Pavel Chekhov Kulumbekov. Developed a scenario celebration, organized and conducted the event with sister female Christian club “Ruth” (Starchenko Galina Galina Hanulych, Helen and Les Domysche beekeeping), which has 14 years of service are in different forms in a military town Gostomel. Please pray for the provision of room for playing club “Ruta”, “Zernyatko” and for God’s blessing to the families of military personnel serving in Ukraine.