Visiting wounded

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Изображение 018Activity became traditional military hospital Irpin women led by the head of Irpin separate division “olive branch” Jeanne Szegeda. Close cooperation with schools, with volunteers who are constantly on duty in the hospital, can naturally be involved in supporting injured servicemen carry them not only food for the body but for the soul and joy.
Indispensable consultant for women in this case is Galina Starchenko, who in 2016 graduated training in Pastoral – Chaplaincy program at the Kiev Theological Seminary and sincerely shared with other knowledge acquired in school. Seminars in Irpin, Kyiv and Cherkasy, where women from Irpin, Gostomel learn how to communicate with the combatants to careless word not to injure the wounded warrior.
Also nearby is working in schools – placed stands with photos, interviews conducted, the action “Heat family – the defenders of Ukraine.” With prayer and the Word of God women come to the hospital to soldiers felt God’s love and mercy.​