American experts conducted training with psychologists rehabilitation participants ATO






8_60All-Ukrainian inter-confessional religious Christian brotherhood is a unique military religious organization that brings together military and law enforcement agencies, including those that are in reserve or retired, as well as civil and clergy who wish to work in its cells.
Brotherhood constantly makes great efforts to provide psychological support and volunteer assistance to servicemen and law enforcement officers who take part in the ATO, and their rehabilitation.
With the support of international organization “Olive branch International ” was launched a series of training seminars to be held during 2015 and 2016.
One such training was held with the participation of US experts in the practical rehabilitation of combatants.
During the seminar, lecturer, William Barco, who is a colonel in the US Army retired take position of Director of Research Institute of Physical – health MO USA, explained the present methods recognize and treat the effects of combat stress and post-traumatic answers questions considering your own more than thirty years, experience in the field of rehabilitation do military.
The program included discussion and evaluation of the experience gained in Ukraine and psychological rehabilitation of the military in comparison with international practice and the development of new technologies based conflict in eastern Ukraine.
Doy Kramblet, a military chaplain with years of experience, shared with the participants the practical methods of rapid correction in extreme conditions and support during military warfare.
Sergey Chizhevsky senior officer Psychological Service National Guard of Ukraine, said: “These training events are a good opportunity to expand the horizons of vision rehabilitation methods to combatants and subsequently apply them in practice.”