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The “Olive Branch Ukraine” is a voluntary community of servicemen (siloviki) – Christians and people, committed to Chaplainian activity and members of their families, even from other countries of the world.

“Olive branch Ukraine” is a non-governmental and non-political organization. The main activity of the organization is enlightening, medical and humanitarian assistance to servicemen (siloviki) and members of their families, chaplains (priests and priests), and also to the chaplain organizations and institutions in other countries. The goal of the activity is to spread peace in the world, Christian love and mutual understanding between people and nations. Read more


Team of Olive Branch are people who desire to serve God and our country


Nowadays there are seven regional branches of Olive Branch in Ukraine


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The focus of the “Olive Branch Ukraine” – it is helping to introduce the institute of chaplain in different areas of Ukrainian society and especially among the security forces of Ukraine.

Thus, our main goal – a search in different regions of Ukraine believers: their training, encouragement, support and sending them through the local church to theirs chaplain’s work at their place of residence.

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OBI English Camp


7th International Women’s Christian Conference of the “Olive Branch” on the topic “God is looking for the faithful and makes them capable”

«… Плід ваш є святість....»  Рим.6:22 10 років тому започатковано...

The Ukrainian Defense University hosted a roundtable discussion on “Promoting a positive moral and psychological climate in a serviceman’s family: Ukrainian and foreign experience”

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