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International Public Charitable Organization “Olive Branch International” is a voluntary military (security forces) and other people – Christians around the world and their families. “Olive Branch” – non-governmental and non-political organization. Read more


Team of Olive Branch are people who desire to serve God and our country


Nowadays there are seven regional branches of Olive Branch in Ukraine


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The focus of the “Olive Branch Ukraine” – it is helping to introduce the institute of chaplain in different areas of Ukrainian society and especially among the security forces of Ukraine.

Thus, our main goal – a search in different regions of Ukraine believers: their training, encouragement, support and sending them through the local church to theirs chaplain’s work at their place of residence.

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A visit to a rehabilitation center in the village Gatnoe

На центр реабілітації та ресоціалізації, нами була передана гуманітарна допомога,...


Visit rehabilitation centers in the Makarov region

07.07.2016 Ми відвідали кілька реабілітаційних центрів Церкви ЄХБ "Відродження", що...

16 June, Hosp Chaps, Mykola City

Training of hospital chaplains in Nikolaev

Група волонтерів із Миколаєва виявили бажання пройти навчання по госпітальному...